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How much can I record on the video cameras?

We offer 2 camera options of record time: 60 minutes or 120 minutes.  We have found both options to be plenty of time to capture the many memorable moments of your day.


What's included in a Life’s Flix package?

A Life’s Flix package includes the rental of HD video cameras, shipping to and from our office, all taxes and fees, DVD copies, online edited video link, and safe storage of your video for 6 months.


What are Life’s Flix camera specs?

We carry Samsung HMX-W300 (our deluxe cameras) and Flip MinoHD Video Cameras (our standard cameras), which we love and they are extremely user-friendly.  Our deluxe cameras take HD photos, are shock proof, waterproof, and both have an image-stabilizing feature.


How long is the rental period?

Your cameras will be delivered a few days before your wedding and they're due back soon after your wedding, typically a total of 5 days. Thinking about a different timeline? Drop us an email or phone call and we’ll be happy to try and work something out!


What is the battery life of a Life’s Flix camera?

The batteries will last about as long as it takes you to fill the memory. However, if you're worried about battery life, every camera has an internal USB charging port that allows you to charge it with any USB device, such as a laptop, tablet, or TV. We also have wall and car chargers available upon request.


My event is not in the U.S.; is Life’s Flix still available to me?

We'll make it work! Let's talk...


Is Life’s Flix available for events besides weddings?

Absolutely! Our model will work for any sort of memories that you'd want to capture on video. Don't hesitate to reach out!


What happens if I lose or break a camera?

We generally cover simple wear and tear, but by signing our contract, you agree to pay for a replacement if a camera is lost or damaged. We have found that family and friends are extra careful with the cameras, because they contain your wedding footage.


Do the cameras have flash?

Life’s Flix cameras are not equipped with flash, making their usage unobtrusive and simple. However, shooting in brighter areas makes for better footage. Additionally, our editors armed with a creative toolbox of tricks to make your footage look as amazing as possible.


Do the cameras have zoom?

Your footage will turn out best if you walk closer rather than zoom. Our cameras do offer zoom, but as with all digital devices, zooming can compromise the video quality.


Do Life’s Flix cameras record sound?

Yes, our cameras come with onboard microphones to capture audio. Our customers are often surprised by the audio quality that our cameras offer.


I already have a photographer... why do I need Life's Flix?

Video gives you a whole different set of memories that a photo could never capture. The sights, sounds, and action from sun-up, till Aunt Reba starts snoring at the reception will be at your fingertips for a lifetime.


Why would I choose Life's Flix over a traditional videographer?

Life's Flix can offer what you can never get from an outsider. The professional experience you sacrifice by having your friends & family shoot is exchanged for having close loved ones capturing behind-the-scenes, personal, casually epic moments. Your Life's Flix video will be a creative documentary of moments and memories that you will enjoy and you never would have seen otherwise. We'll give you all the raw footage, an awesome DVD video creation, AND an online link to share your video via email and on all your social networks.


Can I really trust my friends & family to shoot all the video?

We say yes. Many people this day & age with a point-and-shoot camera or a smart phone have already logged dozens of hours shooting fun pictures and videos. You get to choose your shooters and they won't disappoint. They'll have a good time doing it too! Plus, that's why you have several different people shooting everything from different angles - if some of them miss a moment (or if your cousin Randy had one too many champagnes and pointed the camera backwards), someone else's angle will be better (plus the footage of Randy accidentally shooting himself might be entertaining.)


"What kind of MUSIC will be in my video?"

While we'd love to use popular music, the truth is it's illegal for anyone to use any recording that's owned by someone else without paying unfathomable licensing fees. Instead, we own the rights to a diverse professional music library that spans all genres and styles to incorporate a complex soundtrack to your wedding video that will set the tone to your story. If there's a specific musical style or genre you love or hate, just let us know and we'll accommodate.


Do I have to buy an edited video package?

Definitely not. You can enjoy all the footage you capture with our cameras without editing. Our "Raw Footage" option gives you all the raw footage on DVD, perfect for some tastes (and budgets). However, simply check out our sample video gallery and you'll experience that the editing is the true magic of what Life's Flix is. Video editing is more than just a few cuts and transitions... it tells the story. Editing takes the rough, aimless, randomness of life -- finds the story -- then turns it into something that makes us laugh, cry, and remember it forever.


Have any questions you don't see here?

You can give us a call at 253-241-8912 or send an email to, and we'll get back to you in a jiffy...


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